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What is Installments with Afterpay?

Installments with Afterpay is a service that allows you to make purchases now and pay for them in four payments made every 2 weeks without any interest. 


How do I use Installments with Afterpay?

Simply shop online and add items to your shopping bag and checkout as normal. At the checkout choose Installments with Afterpay as your payment method. First-time customers will need to register with Afterpay and provide payment details, as usual, returning customers simply log in to make their purchase. It’s that easy! Please note, all items in your shopping bag must be eligible for Installments with Afterpay. A minimum purchase amont may apply and you must meet additional eligibility requirements to qualify.


How does this work?

  • Once you have selected all the items you would like to purchase, add them to you cart, and at the time of checkout, select the CheckOut with AFTERPAY option. You must have a minimum purchase order in order to qualify for AFTERPAY. 
  • Once you check out on the LUXURIOUS BASICS website, you will be routed to the AFTERPAY website to continue entering the necessary payment details.
  • At any time, you can log in to your AFTERPAY account to see your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date. Otherwise AFTERPAY will automatically take the money from your selected payment method every 2 weeks.
  • Also, we have installed a feature that will give you an estimate of each payment broken down into 4.


      How do I use Installments with Afterpay?

      All customers are required to make their first payment at the time of purchase, with the remaining three payments deducted every two weeks from your chosen payment method. If you choose to make additional payments before your scheduled pay dates, you may do so through your Afterpay account. You can log in to your Afterpay account to view your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date if you choose to do so.


      How does the payment schedule work?

      All customers are required to make their first payment at the time of purchase, with the remaining three payments deducted every two weeks from your chosen payment method. If you choose to make additional payments before your scheduled pay dates, you may do so through your Afterpay account.


      HOW CAN I PAY? There are two basic ways to pay with cards:

      1. The most convenient is our automatic payments system.  Just go on the App or online and enter the details of your preferred payment card under "Add a payment method" in the "Billings" section of "My Account".                
      2. Alternatively, you can always make payments on time or early by selecting the PAY NOW button on the App or online in your account.  You can then enter your card details manually.  If you want to make this your preferred payment method, select "Store my card", otherwise make sure to untick this option before logging out.
        • When you have an installment due, we will notify you beforehand so that way you can make sure that there is enough in your account for that installment. We do the rest. 


      Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single transaction?

      Yes, transaction value limits apply to purchases made on using Installments by Afterpay. 


      What products are not eligible for purchase using Installments with Afterpay?

      Afterpay is not available on purchases of gift cards. If you are purchasing gift cards along with Afterpay eligible products, you will need to place two separate orders. 


      How do I return or exchange an item purchased using Installments with Afterpay?

      If you have changed your mind, you can return your Afterpay purchase in-store or by mail for a refund. Please check that your return or exchange meets our Return policy here. Afterpay will be notified of your return and will process the appropriate refunds. Please do not return your purchase to Afterpay. If you believe there is fault or concern with your Afterpay purchase payment, please contact Afterpay customer support at


      What happens if I can't make my payment?

      AFTERPAY is committed to making sure you stick to your repayment plan.

      That’s why we consider every purchase application before we approve that purchase. And that’s why we are always sending you reminders when a payment is almost due.

      There are no finance charges or interest associated with this Agreement. However, if an Installment Payment is not paid on or prior to the due date specified in the Final Payment Schedule and remains unpaid for a period of ten (10) days after the due date (or such additional grace period required by applicable law), the Late Fee indicated above in this Agreement will be imposed, up to a maximum of $8.00 and which in no event will exceed the maximum late fee permitted by applicable state law. Additionally, the aggregate sum of Late Fees associated with a particular order will not exceed 25% of the order value at the time of purchase. Thus, lower value purchases may be subject to fewer or lesser Late Fees in the event of late payment.


      Delinquency and Default.

      If you fail to make any payment when due in the manner required by this Agreement, you will be delinquent. If you are delinquent, have filed or have instituted against you bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings or are in breach any other material term of this Agreement, we may, to the extent and at the time permitted by applicable law, deem you in default and accelerate the maturity of this Agreement and all payments due hereunder. If you fail to make a payment required under this Agreement, we reserve the right to limit, restrict, suspend or terminate your access to your Afterpay account. 


      Is AFTERPAY safe and secure?

      We understand how important security is so we ensure that your personal information is protected.  AFTERPAY is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified compliant Service Provider organization. PCI DSS is a comprehensive set of requirements created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to enhance cardholder data security and to ensure the safe handling and storage of sensitive credit card information and data. This is the highest level of security in the payment industry. 


      When will my order ship if I pay with AFTERPAY?

      As always, all orders from LUXURIOUS BASICS will ship within 1-2 business days. Using AFTERPAY will not change that process. 


       Can I call and speak to someone at  AFTERPAY?


        Benefits of using  AFTERPAY?
        • AFTERPAY doesn’t pull your credit report when you make a purchase request, so you won’t be dinged for a hard inquiry.
        • You can pay off larger purchases over six weeks with just 25% down and no interest.
        • You can have multiple AFTERPAY orders at once.
        • Unlike some other installment payment services, you can use AFTERPAY anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores.
        • AFTERPAY may report your account activity to the credit bureaus, which can help you build credit if you maintain a history of on-time payments.
        • By using a rewards credit card to make payments, you can still earn cash back or points for your purchases.